Case Studies

Most of these stories and studies were previously published in Natural Horse Magazine and other publications. Thanks to the efforts of wonderful editors – these now follow some rules and order. I have added follow-ups to a few when appropriate. Please don’t be prejudice against horses, who occupy the majority of these cases, instead, listen to the importance of the overall message. 

Flowers are non-discriminatory and help whoever needs help. That is the reason I tell people, with non-aggressive or severely re-active animals, to put the Essences on their own hands and then gently pet or massage creating a win-win situation. I know we do not intentionally bring our favoritism or our personal drama to the table, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Please open your hearts and minds to all the animals here and see the similarities, not the differences. Instead, listen to these stories wearing you Cat, Dog, or Elephant ears. 

My original intention was only to help damaged Horses but, you will read how that morphed into Dogs, Cats, Rats and more…