My lucky Moo kitty

One day my daughter came to me saying her friend was trying to find her cat a new home. I had been thinking about getting a cat for awhile and decided to take her in. So the next day, in comes my daughter with the cutest, fattest black and white cat. Her name was Moo.

Moo was very friendly and loved to be scratched behind the ears. Everything seemed great.

As time went on, I noticed that she liked to chase her tail. and chase her tail. and chase her tail. this poor cat chased her tail all night and all day. I later found out that in the process of trying to find moo a new home she first went to a tiny studio. i think she was sooo bored that she resorted to chasing her tail. she also liked to meow. and meow. and meow. it was constant. she definitely had a case of excessive meowing. This went on for a few months. I didnt know how to help her.

so my friend gave me this stuff and said that it would help with her issues. I was willing to try anything to help my poor Moo kitty. It was the BlackWing farms products. I put drama trauma in her water and on her food and in a week she stopped chasing her tail! I couldn’t believe it! I later used some calm balm and she has stopped meowing! she now only meows if she is outside and wants to be let in.

The Blackwing Farms flower essences spray helped so much. they turned my great cat into an even greater one. They have made both our lives better and i will be forever grateful.