Surviving Trauma

Remembering and reliving negative experiences, recalling horrible images, and festering feelings of grief are guaranteed to compromise our minds and effect our emotions in the future.

Our formulas are 'timeless' meaning that it does not matter how chronic, how long ago the negative experiences occurred or how long they lasted - Flower Essences primary aim is to dissolve those stored, less-than-positive, memories that interfere with emotional health. Our unique formulas strive for fast and permanent behavior improvement. We know how important that is in the field rescuing, caring for them and at home as well.

First responders and rescuers have carried BWF Remedies into the aftermath of more than 15 hurricanes, dozens of firestorms, tornadoes, floods, slaughterhouse rescues, puppy mills, hoarding, abuse cases, neglect and more... ad nauseum! Witnesses are known to suffer more emotionally (even feeling more physical pain) than the actual victims. This is known now as SECONDARY TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.  Click for more.

In the last 20 years, working with 100's of individuals and organizations; we have provided comfort for 24 different species (including humans) helping the vast majority fully and quickly recover; restoring emotional health, allowing them to enjoy balanced and stress-free lives FOREVER! Survivors and rescues need all the help they can get!

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People we recommend in a time of crisis::

Humane Society of the US

Allie Cat Allies

Lakeland (Florida) Humane Society. For Hurricane Ian relief efforts locally.

Here is the Collection of Remedies proven successful Surviving Trauma:

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