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Over 42 years ago, Meg Harrison, founder and owner, was using flower essences for the treatment of alcoholic teens. Then she had a revelation in the aftermath of a horrible horseback riding accident when the horse's owner used flower essences on Meg and her horse to great affect. Since that time 25 years ago, Meg has created a wide range of products to help with the mental, physical, and emotional needs of animals. 

       Uses of these products were well proven in the wake of the Southern California wildfires of 2003 where her products helped to calm and stabilize traumatized pets and farm animals who were lost, injured, or abandoned during the fast moving blazes. At this time Meg decided to market her products and became BlackWing Farms.  

        In 2005, Meg then went to Louisiana and volunteered (eventually to be hired by the Humane Society of the United States) to help care for the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina (and while there also weathered Hurricane Rita). Again the value of her flower essences was proven as time and again they effectively helped to calm and treat the animals in the care of the Humane Society of the United States and the Louisiana SPCA.
        Since then the products of BlackWing Farms have been requested by various distributors including Jeffers Pet Catalog, as well as the animal rescue organizations, Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA in NYC, Animal Farm Foundation, the Humane Society of the US, The Gentle Barn in their rescues and longterm care of slaughterhouse animals.

       Within the last 10 years, we also began to market a line of sprays for use by people to affect mood. This product is a direct descendent of the flower essence concept used by Meg 40+ years ago and are formulated using flower essences and essential oils.

BlackWing Farms’ Mission is to:

Enrich the lives and relationships of humans and animals through the most effective plant-based remedies, always improving mental and emotional well-being, while empowering others with knowledge and shared experiences.

Helping Humans one Animal at a time

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Megan Harrison
Shorty & his favorite Mousekateer, my GrandDaughter. They have pretty much inseparable since she was born.
(He is my first-born GrandChild.)