Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flower Essences?

Essences are made from plant-life, mostly flowers, leaves, and stems. Plants are never harmed or destroyed in the making of Essences. In our practice, we never use any roots or bark for the health and sustainability of the planet.

How are Essences made?

Several flower tops are placed in distilled water in a glass bowl, set in the sun for
 one hour or up to 3 days, depending upon the plant. The flower’s attributes are “assigned” to the water while the sun “potentizes” the remedy, then strained and preserved in brandy, vinegar, or vegetable glycerin. BlackWing Farms uses the highest quality brandy in the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach, 1930’s British physician and discoverer of 38 Flower Essences

How will Essences help my animal?

Mental and emotional issues are addressed and re-solved. Negative behaviors are prevented from manifesting. Remedies address all facets of a difficulty, including the past, present, and the future. Behaviors change or balance again, perhaps for the first time in the animal’s life. For example: develop “the virtues” of focus with Clematis, patience with Impatiens, and trust using Mimulus thus not needing to suppress the negative confusion, panic, fear or other emotional/mental obstacles and ensuring the best life possible for any animal.

Essences are successful because they address the root cause of animals’ behavior problems.

How do I use them?

BlackWing Remedies can be put in the drinking water, on food or treats. Sometimes, as in the case of feral or aggressive animals, just spray the remedy near them. Only 4 sprays 4 times daily for most animals. If you choose to put it in the drinking water; just add a few sprays whenever you freshen the water. Or on toys, bedding, grooming equipment, crates, stall doors, and in the bath water.

Or a capful on a towel, gently apply or hang nearby – out of reach. Shared with others is fine.

Guideline in homeopathy is: “Use less more often.”

Which Essence should I use?

See our handy Behavior Chart

What about for larger animals?

Essences’ dosage does not increase according to the size of the animal. Still 4 drops 4 times daily whether for a Jack Russell or a Thoroughbred. If you put the drops in the drinking water; add a few drops when you freshen the water. You will see the change.

What about for very small animals?

You can use as little as 2 drops and have wonderful changes occur. You be the judge of what your animal needs.

Are Essences safe?

Absolutely yes. In 50+ years of research, we have never heard of any negative side effects. Our directions are specific and caution to not use near eyes and noses.

What if other animals share the water or get some drops by mistake?

No problem. Animals sharing water will not be harmed in any way, as a matter of fact, many people tell us the other animals improved their behavior as well.

What if my animal is on medication?

There has never been any reports of interference with medication, these are Essences and work on mind and emotions. As always, we suggest you check with your health care practitioner if you have any doubts whatsoever. We would be happy to talk with them if you prefer.

Why BlackWing Farms’ Remedies?

Integrity. Experience. Reputation. Tradition. Our remedies were created solely with animals in mind. Our 42 years experience blending Flower Essences with 25 years of that blending exclusively for animals in distress speaks for itself. We have aided animals in the aftermath of hurricanes, firestorms, abuse, and trauma.

In addition, we have helped people get their animals to the highest levels in their competitive fields. Please, see for yourself in our pages titled: TESTIMONIALS. We hate to brag so we let others do it for us.

In Emergencies?

Use every 5-10 minutes for 1st hour if desired and then as necessary for calm composure & improved behavior. If they are unable to eat or drink: Put several drops on your hands and gently massage the animal. Tips of the ears is wonderful.

If the animals are too far away, aggressive or unapproachable – mist the environment. DURING Hurricane Rita in Louisiana –hundreds of post-Katrina animals were calmed by misting the air.

It is NOT necessary that our Essences be directly applied or absorbed – simply get the Remedy’s mist anywhere within 2-3 feet of the animals and let our Flower Essences do their work. Captured Mustangs, feral cats and fighting dogs are successfully helped using these same BlackWing Farms' Remedies.  

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