OTHERS includes Horses, Birds, Pigs, Rabbits, Rats, Fish, Cows, Sheep, Iguanas, Goats, Chickens, Wolves in captivity, Turkeys, Fox, and a Mountain Lion named Conrad! 

Most were helped as a result of either:

#1 = SOMEONE WAS DESPERATE to help another species in trouble and used a Remedy because it had already helped another and this was a definitive moment of  "What the heck - I gotta try something." And the Remedy worked... of course it did!

#2 = COLLATERAL REPAIR = Like one day I was trying to calm a nervous Race Horse by misting a BWF Remedy in the air, when 'lo and behold' within minutes... the Horse was calm, so was the owner, the (4th generation) feral barn Cats were cuddling up to me for a pet and the 3 guard Dogs were greeting visitors with a polite sniff and a friendly wag.  More recent positive side effects = COLLATERAL REPAIR 

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