Newly Discovered Side Effects and Benefits

Emailed Dec. 26th.

Hi Meg,

I thought I should warn you of the unusual side effects of Calm Balm and Brave Balm. Yesterday I hosted Christmas dinner for my family. 

I was dreading my brother’s usual antics, stirring the pot, getting everyone bickering at each other and antagonizing the dog. 

Then there is my mother who enjoys promoting sibling rivalry. I always end up embarrassed in front of my husband and his children with my family’s terrible behavior. I just wanted them to eat and go home.

It was Bitsy’s (a new rescue) first Christmas; she is very shy and not used to being around a lot of people in our house. When just one person comes to visit, she barks nonstop. 

I devised a plan; I had each group text me as they were arriving, we met them outside with Bitsy on a leash. I put Calm Balm and Brave Balm on her harness to help her with greeting each guest. 

My husband applied Calm Balm and Brave Balm to each guest’s wrist and gave them a treat to present to Bitsy before we welcomed them into our home. 

Worked like a charm! She didn’t bark, we were amazed at how well she accepted everyone.

Here is the unusual side effect, we had a very pleasant evening, no drama, my brother was so well behaved. My mother was a pleasure. When they left, we all hugged. I haven’t hugged my brother in 30 years. 

Today, my mom called to say it was the best Christmas she had in many years. So calm and relaxing. Then it hit me. It was the Calm Balm and Brave Balm we applied to every guest. We did it to benefit the dog without realizing it would affect them too!

Thank you, Meg, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!