Great Conversations Often Start With a Whisper.

Great Conversations Often Start With a Whisper.

Interested in confirming what you ‘think’ they are telling you?
It’s simple. Easy. Anyone can do it. How?        


Just listen.

Change your life by tapping into a radio frequency you thought unavailable.

Animals have a lot to tell us. Exciting, stimulating, enriching conversations.

Experience has proven we can all hear them; when they know we are listening.

Sometimes, it’s how we ask. Sometimes, it’s our patience. Ever been on the verge of new know-ledge? Somehow you know this positively will change your life. This is an opportunity to lean forward, take a leap with an animal or 2 or 3 that you trust. Many of them trust us long before we trust them. Just ask. Just listen.

Jump off the ledge & into the knowing. Together, we’ll tell a whole new story.

A beautiful roan Quarter Horse did that for me 30+ years ago. She gave me a better ending. Excerpt: Dollar was his name because that is what Tex paid for him, a dollar. Dollar was truly old. His back swayed, he walked and trotted stiff-legged, never ran, and his hair was falling out in patches. But he loved our kids and they could... (Click if you want to read MORE)