Oreo - Blind & Beautiful

This week we're featuring a little black and white fluffer named Oreo, a blind foster from Mexico, rescued by Wagging Dog Rescue in Southern CA. Cassandra, the founder of Wagging Dog reached out to share Oreo's experience with BlackWing Farms sprays.   

"I wanted to share a cute story with you. I recently took in a blind foster from Mex, just a pup around 9 weeks old. We named him Oreo and he is completely blind. I’m using some of your essences in his puppy fort and began with First Five [now called New Beginnings] on a stuffie when he arrived. The second day, he had an afternoon of howling (he’s in quarantine unfortunately so not able to be around my other animals yet, but he can hear and smell them nearby). I spritzed [New Beginnings] twice on his red tritops and he immediately went over to it, licked it like crazy, then put himself to sleep draped over the top :)

Hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and BWF!  Thanks for making such awesome products for our furry friends!"

- CASSANDRA, founder of Wagging Dog Rescue

Oreo isn't ready for adoption yet but follow his story on Facebook to see when he's ready for a home. And look into Wagging Dog Rescue! They are a grassroots nonprofit that champions the rights of animals worldwide.