The Truth

Better to Know the
Truth than the Facts

Not Everything Can Be Explained. Nor should it be! Who wants to know or needs to know the exact count of stars, or the numbers of grains of sand on the beach, or the number of cells the human body has? Or the number of times our hearts will shatter from hurt and grief. Will it make a difference in the way we see the world? The way we see ourselves in the world? The way we behave? You betcha. Take away the mystery, the romance, the significance of our day-to-day lives and replace it with facts and figures and statistics – that will change us. It will change our re-actions to the World’s events. Why? Because we live in and respond to the Truth of the World, not facts doled out by other humans. What I am saying here is that Truths in Nature existed long, long before scientists called them facts. And scientific facts change. Often.


Timeline of Uninterrupted Adaptation

450,000,000 years ago = first evidence of land plants.

70,000,000 years ago = first evidence of modern Felines.

60,000,000 years ago = first evidence of modern Canines.

55,000,000 years ago = first evidence of modern Equines.

100,000 years ago = first evidence of modern-day man.

60,000 years ago = first evidence of human civilization.

11,000 years ago = first evidence of domestication.


Animals behave just fine in their natural environments thriving for +/- 60 million years. Whereas, we started domesticating them for our own purposes +/- 11 thousand years ago, a blink of the evolutionary eye.

Who are you going to listen to? Perspective = we are less than a speck of dust on Earth’s timeline. Give plants credit they know what they are doing after all this time and planetary upheaval, reinventing themselves several times. Credit their capabilities are and while you are at it – credit bacteria, viruses, fungi, trees, flowers, and animals that they all possess intelligence and behaviors we cannot fathom… not in millions and millions of years…


Here and Now

Every plant contains an action, a purpose, a contribution to the overall well-being of all. How do they communicate their purpose? Do they yell: “Hey, over here!”? Is it daily trial and error? Is it that the animals just know? Do they know something or remember something we can’t? However you slice it or ask the question, we can all agree there is something going on here on the planet and we can get a glimpse, a fascinating, glimpse. Even die-hard skeptics will be a bit more open to this opportunity when they read about Essences and also about other skeptics that succumbed. I have accepted that Essences are usually the last house on the block and my hope is that people will approach this idea before damage or injury has occurred. What’s better than fixing a problem? Preventing one.

I believe with all my heart that if our intention and our purpose is to help; we will be of help. I also believe that all the information we need to be of help to others is readily available. Maybe we just need to be in the right place at the right time to see it or hear it unfold. These stories I am about to tell in future blog posts did not take place overnight nor were they without a cost. My purpose in telling you all this is to let you know, you are always in the right place at the right time. Always.

Look out for our future posts to see yourself how flower essences and aromatherapy can make a major impact on your animal's life.