Dogs, Horses & People who Love Them

Enjoy what your Dogs and Horses enjoy! Because, at the end of the day, it is all about the relationship - isn't it? Agreeing and working together on co-operation toward favorable outcomes while respecting the needs and requests of each other.

Possibly the ULTIMATE Pay-it-Forward act of ALTRUISM is to help the worst get better! Equally as important is to create MEMORIES of trust and a better understanding of people while laying a positive foundation for all their future interactions.

Flower Essences blended with carefully chosen pure essential oils have been tested in the worst situations, on the most difficult and unpredictable and dangerous Dogs and Horses I have ever seen = many soon headed to euthanasia = some already on "the list" when  these formulas were used SUCCESSFULLY and they got an excellent chance at a better life!

Proving there is hope - and the ability to help assuage the past, calm the present, and trust the future... THAT IS OUR JOB here at BWF and that is why we continue to work so hard every day for every single damaged, scared, confused, and difficult animal = every single one! Read why we do not use oils on Cats including Lions, Tigers, & Cheetahs.

Those who know us know: WE NEVER GIVE UP!! 

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