Settle Down = PLEASE!
Settle Down = PLEASE!

Settle Down = PLEASE!

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Calm & Quiet Every Time You Ask.

Flower Essence blend of Impatiens for impulse control, Valerian Flowers (never roots in our practice) for relaxation, Yarrow for stubbornness, Star Tulip for grounding, Echinacea for excitability, homeopathic Arnica 30x for mental clarity.

Perfect formula for 'wiggle wag bodies' - you know the type - happy dogs but too happy to concentrate and listen to your requests. We use Yarrow Flowers not so much for stubbornness but because this is a chronic listening problem and we need a mental breakthrough, a new way of behaving... a bit more co-operation.

We are looking for more focus, not less energy. Energy is good!  Stress is not.

TRAINING SECRET = Find a new word to go with the new behavior. If you have repeatedly been saying "don't, stop, quit" and they are not stopping or quitting; choose a new word to mark the new positive action. Also they could be given a job to re-direct the energy like getting a toy and playing, introducing a new trick, busy puzzles, scent work.  I have been told 15 minutes of 'brain' work is equivalent to a full hour of physical activity decreasing energy levels. Balance is the key. Make sense?

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