Magic's Spray
Magic's Spray

Magic's Spray

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Magic is in the air. Literally! Magic is a big boy, a Boxer Terrier mix. Rescued from the local shelter just in the nick of time, he went into the home of a lovely woman with all the right intentions and tons of love. What went wrong? Well, the front window for one. The doorbell for another. Delivery trucks. Skate boarders. Sound familiar? All too familiar!

Magic was up in the air at these times of turmoil. Literally – he would appear taller, hair rose on his body, his voice escalated, he stood on furniture to get even taller, a dominant stance. He could not help himself to behave better. Matter of fact, things deteriorated in other areas of his life = walks, treat time, play dates, listening to his wonderful person suffered too. She called a behaviorist. Matter of fact, she called one of the best on the East Coast and he responded quickly with a visit to the house.

After hours of observation and discussion; they came up with a plan. Magic needed help, an intervention of sorts before things escalated to the point of no return. BlackWing Farms was going to be part of the protocol. The behaviorist called and together talking about Magic’s problems and BWF’s Remedies, we surmised Magic needed something very special for his escalating re-actions to everyday events. The behaviorist created a training routine and made some adjustments to the house and training techniques, giving this woman hope that things would be better.

Here is what helped Magic and will help all of those dogs that are having a problem listening, escalating less than positive behaviors, and becoming quite angry! Flower Essences of Arnica for stored negative memories and experiences, Echinacea for not feeling safe in the immediate environment, Rock Rose for bravery, Star of Bethlehem for emotional shock, Yarrow for the ‘wounded warrior’, Star Tulip for grounding, Impatiens for patience, Cherry Plum for positive thinking. Also we added therapeutic-grade Lavender essential oil and homeopathic Arnica 30x for the strain and emotional injury associated with negative memories and past trauma.

Where is Magic now? Probably asleep on the couch.

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