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Join Meg Harrison, founder of BlackWing Farms, in a 4-part webinar series exploring solutions to the behavior problems of the animals you love! Whether you're a pet owner, a volunteer at a shelter, a foster parent or head of an animal non-profit, you and the animals you care for will benefit from this amazing web series.



  For 25 years, Meg has created a wide range of products to help with the mental, physical, and emotional needs of animals. The mission of BlackWing Farms is to enrich the lives and relationships of humans and animals through the most effective plant-based remedies, always improving mental and emotional well-being, while empowering others with knowledge and shared experiences.



Class Schedule

April 4 : Natural Approaches to Positive Behavior

Discover how to help all animals improve ‘bad’ behavior, training troubles, and emotions quickly and completely. Fascinating history of Flower Essences, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies. Understand the ‘invisible intelligence’ and the relationship between plants, animals, and humans. See why and how these blends are so powerful.


April 11 : Are We Having Fun Yet?

Learn to read the body to read their minds. Recognizing every body is an emotional storage unit. Establish a trusting foundation for lifelong friendships with every human encountered. We will show you exactly how to bring relief to the personality extremes we call: Anxious, Bold, Crazymakers, Difficult, and Enrich-able.


April 18 : Finding Their Happiness

Individual case studies and deeper discussions of personality extremes, past trauma, stubborn behaviors, and training troubles. Stories of natural disasters, man-made atrocities, and astounding recoveries. Enriching every life in difficult situations. Further insights and useful protocols for those in your house, facility, rescues, and shelters.


May 2 : Share Your Story

Safe, non-judgmental environment offering the opportunity to tell your story with photos and text. Plus ask questions or share concerns with some trusted friends, rescuers, trainers, and specialists. Share with us so we can learn from each other and help more animals = always the goal!


Download the webinar flyer! Hang it in your staff room, shelter or animal care center to get the word out about this fantastic opportunity.