Revolution of Love

Carla Naden, director of, called me, out of the blue, about a year ago and asked if I’d be willing to use my “magical sprays” while holding a terminally ill animal until it died in my arms. I said: ‘Hell yes’ and a friendship was born. Before I knew it, I was swept up in her REVOLUTION OF LOVE with amazing staff and volunteers at the San Diego County Department of Animal Services, taking part in enrichment program. BlackWing Farms’ Essences and Balms are now an active daily part of kennel life for their Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Rabbits. You’ll find bottles and jars on the morning cleaning carts, in the pockets of staff, in the aprons of volunteers, and often on the desk near the lobby!

Statistical Coincidence? Adoption rates have increased and euthanasia rates have decreased since Carla started her Revolution there – Yes it takes a village and so happy to be part of it all! Big shout outs are necessary to Vanessa Brush, volunteer co-ordinator and Dawn Danielson, director of SDCDAS, for their extraordinary efforts to continually seek ways to improve the lives and well-being of every individual animal in their care every single day.

Carla and I share love of a Margaret Mead (social anthropologist) quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Welcome to the Revolution.