Emergencies = Good Advice Bears Repeating

Duct tape, a pocket knife, twist tie trash bags, zip locks, and a Sharpie. Extra food, water, leashes, collars, halters and lead ropes are indispensable. Double everything you think you need then double it again.

Display at least 2 'extra' phone numbers out of the emergency area as cell towers can go down.

Worried about your animals worrying? If they will NOT chew or eat this idea = take a hand towel and gently rub your face, neck, or arms and place this "SCENTED" towel along with them in car, crate, kennel or trailer - Horses appreciate this too.

Don't' be upset if they don't eat or drink as usual but if dehydration is possible: dip your fingers in warm water then slowly and gently massage the upper gums for 5-10 seconds to stimulate drinking reflex. SAFETY FIRST - Don't do this on uber-stressed animals or strangers! Or add lots of water to meat or a broth for dogs and cats. Horses benefit from carrots, tops, apples, or hay that has been soaked in water.

Water Storage: Plastic trash cans or storage containers are perfect for water. Double line with hardy trash bags, fill up with water, twist tie the bags closed, cover tightly with lid. PLEASE, HAVE THEM IN PLACE FIRST! IN CAR, TRUCK OR TRAILER! Yes I have!! Wasting time and water. Secure when needed.

Pottying for Dogs and Cats: Indoors = put sod in a wading pool and use. Away from home = slice open (with that pocket knife!) several trash bags and sprinkle some dirt, sand, shavings, or lay out newspaper. When business is concluded - roll up and discard. 

NOT BEING CUTE WITH PHOTO OF THE JRT... In 2007, my son, our Jack Russell Terrier, our 125 pound German Shepherd, AND our huge 14 year old Cat had to evacuate ahead of a wildfire in San Diego County - it was so gnarley - When I arrived at the coast with the animals; TREE BARK HAD MELTED ONTO THE HOOD OF MY TRUCK. Not kidding. The 5 of us stayed aboard a friend's boat in SD Harbor for 3 weeks while the fire burned back and forth near our cabin on Palomar Mountain, California.