In The Blink of an Eye...

~ Did you see that? Everything just changed!

Hackles went down. 

~ Breathing got calmer. 

They quit barking!! 

~ Our new Cat came out from hiding. 

Our groomer gave us a discount.

~ She immediately made eye contact.

It was like they all forgot they were afraid, all in the same moment. 

~ Worked faster than I could have loaded a syringe. 

Her coat got shinier. How is THAT possible?

~ Horseshoer was done in record time today. 

Our vet was pleasantly surprised at the changes.

~ Yesterday, he was so fearful I could not get him in the arena. Today, after 3 sprays, he calmly and confidently walked in like he had already won the event!

 In the blink of an eye... their lives changed, FOREVER.


Want a laugh? See what "I" missed in the blink of an eye!

One CAT's story complaining about MY "Perceptual Blindness."

Matter of fact: I have always found The Truth to be much more entertaining than the best written fiction.

Matter in point: Colonel Squeeek.  Click to laugh.


We have tons, literally TONS of Friends, Allies, and .Orgs.

YES, we are super proud of them all and the work they do.