Wolf-Dog Sanctuary

10/10, Our favorite products for the pack!!
Review by Jennifer @  Wolf PAWS 'Positive Awareness Wolf-dog Sanctuary':
Wolf PAWS 'Positive Awareness Wolf-dog Sanctuary' was formed in 2013 in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, for the purpose of rescuing unwanted, abandoned and abused wolf-dogs, and providing a permanent sanctuary for them in a safe and natural environment; providing an environment where these animals can be studied by individuals and educational institutions to further understand the wolf-dog; and educating the public about the specific care requirements and challenges of owning wolf-dogs, in an attempt to reduce the number of wolf-dogs being euthanized.
Meg and the team at BlackWing Farms have been instrumental with helping our pack get the emotional nutrition they need on a daily basis. We can't recommend their products enough for both humans and their animal companions!
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