Drama – Trauma
Drama – Trauma
Drama – Trauma

Drama – Trauma

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#1 SELLER  for Panic in the Moment!  Fears and Phobias of Travel, Loud Noises, Fireworks, Skateboarders, Groomers, Thunder Storms... and DOORBELLS!

Got Drama? Had Trauma? Then this is for you.

Help relax and settle the animal while they focus on the task-at-hand rather than reacting instantly with flight, fight, or freeze. Create composure and impulse control whether trailering a 1,400 pound horse for the first time or taking a 14 pound cat to the groomers. Don't laugh - I'm serious! My big Cat, Sebastian proved how truely exceptional this formula is for overcoming panic.

25 years ago, I fashioned this Remedy after Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy that I had been using for 18 years on people. Now, I needed to have a Remedy that would work for me and the animals 100% of the time as my job, at the time, was working with very (VERY) difficult horses.

First, I doubled the Star of Bethlehem Essence for emotional shock and then added Star Tulip Essence for grounding. Plus I added Arnica and Impatiens for restlessness, Rock Rose for bravery, Clematis for positive focus, Cherry Plum for self-control, and homeopathic Arnica Montana 30x to dissolve residual negative memories.

Hurricane Katrina volunteer Deb Rykoff, DVM told me: “We not only used your sprays in the field rescuing animals, we used them in the truck transporting, and at staff meetings at the end of a long day.” 

By popular demand - now offered in "family size" 8 ounce bottles with easy pour spout!


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