A Set of BALMS.

$ 49.99 $ 53.40

Popularity of our BALMS for CALM spurred us to create an easy to use Balm Stick. We are offering a gift set of the original 3 for a super discounted price just for the month of October. (Available separately as well. 15ml each, 3" tall) These BALMS have proven themselves indispensible in shelters, kennels, transport, vet visits, grooming, and training. (We never suggest oils for felines.) Intended for dogs, horses, & the people who love them.

Doesn't matter how chronic the conditions appear, no one is hopeless. Barking dogs, on-leash aggression, past trauma and abuse, & separation-anxiety are all helped with the BALMS. "Greatest thing is how well the day goes when I remember to use my Balm; the dogs are chilled, my horse is relaxed, I'm chilled, it's amazing!" 

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