New Beginnings (First Five name change)

$ 27.98

Feel safe, sound, and happy 24/7/365 !

Created initially for the rescued and also the newly adopted. Resolves past trauma. Help to quickly adjust to new situations, circumstances, and environments. 

Successful no matter how long ago their emotional, mental or chronic problems began... days, months or years. Watch for positive improvement in the first five minutes, days or sessions. You will see it - PROMISE! 

Dandelion for deep rooted fears, blended with Yarrow for trust, Gorse for optimism, Star of Bethlehem for worry, Sweetgrass for positive outlook, homeopathic Aconitum 30x for past trauma, Arnica 30x & Chamomilla 6x for deep relaxation.

Mist the air, bedding, crates, vehicles or put a few drops in drinking water or bath. Lovely to spray your own hands and gently massage.

8 ounce squirt bottles available = VARIANTS = for first responders, shelters, barns, kennels, rescues, and large families! Mix 10 parts water with 1 part Remedy, shake well, and use within 3-5 days (because there is no preservative). Caregivers love it!

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