HAMMOCK BLEND helps calm your worries.

$ 26.99

Powerful blend for trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, restless sleep, and nightmares. The Essences help to 'reprioritize your worries' allowing you to go into the deep sleep required for a smooth running machine = the mind and body working together! We blended bergamot leaf (Italian citrus tree) and cinnamon leaf essential oils with flower essences of Iriquois sweetgrass, tiger lily, purple monkey flower, and angel’s trumpet to encourage relaxation, reflection, and contentment.

How did it get its name? Glad you asked. My husband was an anxious worrier and never slept well affecting his outlook and moods. He was my test case - I sprayed a few puffs lightly over his clothes and above his head. He returned to the house an hour later asking "What did you do to me? I just took a nap in the hammock. I've not done that in 40 years - I feel fabulous!!" Thus the name: HAMMOCK BLEND.

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