WITCHY MARE for dealing with difficult personalities

$ 26.99

Years ago, I had a gorgeous Quarter Horse mare who liked and accepted only a few people. This personality quirk did not work well in public as you can imagine! We were shunned, asked to leave, or ignored. Came time when I had to sell this mare and no one liked her attitude! So I created a blend for her = a blend of lavender essential oil with flower essences of dandelion for cheery optimism at all times, apple blossom to overcome past trauma with residual negative self-image, and red clover to promote bonding and eliminate hostility. Voila! This mare transformed within a few weeks into a lovely, co-operative horse. 

Use this Remedy before dealing with difficult people, troublesome co-workers, the public, stressful situations, and works fabulously in traffic! There is no wrong time to use it. There is never a right time to be a WITCHY MARE!

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