Top Dog Gives Two Thumbs Up!

Hello Meg,

Thank you so very much, for taking the time to discuss the powerful effects of flower essences on dog behavior. The fact that you use all of your knowledge and talent to create such wonderful and effective products, is appreciated by those of us in the dog world, that focus on helping dogs learn. They cannot learn if they are stressed, and using your products in my dog training, has helped set the dog up for success. I focus much of my dog training on keeping dogs from being re-homed. I have used Shelter Blend, Focus and Beyond Learning, as well as Drama/Trauma to help these dogs have a chance at getting past their fears to be able to learn what a good leader can teach them.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for putting so much of yourself into healing God’s beautiful creatures, and giving them a true chance to succeed.

Thank you, also for your additional information about mimulus and how it can help. I will be calling you soon for a bottle of Shelter Blend (for those July thunderstorms) and I am sending positive energy so that you will finally get others to see, first-hand, what your efforts have cultivated.

With warm regards,
Suzanne Roy
Certified Obedience Trainer