Emotional Safeguards for Pets Home Alone 

A night out, a day at the office, or a long vacation are probably all the same difference to our animals left behind. Interviewing professionals and “animal parents” has revealed to me something surprising: worries about animals are identical whether from the parents or the temporary caregivers. These concerns are a change in eating habits and routine, the possibility of separation anxiety, and fear of an illness or accident. Remedies are identical either for in-home or boarding situations. 


Flower Essence Therapy is highly effective in eliminating and preventing negative behaviors, attitudes, and emotions when surroundings or routine is changed. Pancho, the Chihuahua, and I had met twice before and got along well, but my first morning alone, without benefit of his parents’ presence, he decided to bark incessantly and evade my advances to put his leash on for a walk. His “brother and sister” patiently waited for us. Persian rugs and my reputation were at stake. Without intervention, it was going to be a long week. I tossed him a treat with Flower Essences of Chestnut Bud for understanding, Yarrow for environment, and Sweetgrass for accepting change in leadership. I got the leash on in less than 5 minutes. The afternoon walk was not a problem using the same remedies as a precaution.


Symptoms of this problem are varied but the remedy is simple. Symptoms include aggression and depression and lots of in-between behaviors. Cats hide under the bed. Dogs become toy aggressive. One pet sitter said a dog growled at him when he went to sit on “her” couch. This reactive behavior of guarding territory can also be a sign of separation-anxiety. Use your Essences. Spray the area. Essences do not need to be ingested to be effective. (I used them in the middle of Hurricane Rita helping 250 dogs!) Wait a few minutes and let the Essences do their job. In emergencies, use every 10 minutes until behavior improves.

 Sudden Trauma

Alleviate worry about accidents or illness with a stocked and ready “emotional first aid kit.” This kit should include a remedy for sudden illness, accident, or emergency = Star of Bethlehem has never disappointed me. If you think it looks like someone is getting sick, getting stressed about anything, even a change in the weather; use this Flower Essence as soon as possible.  Animals respond beautifully, as is evident in their calm composure and quick acceptance of difficult surroundings or circumstances.

 Experts across the board also agree on a few simple tasks that greatly help calm animals while away:

  • Leave on the radio or TV.
  • Let the easily stressed ones have a piece of your recently worn clothing to lie with while you are away.
  • Don’t make a big deal when leaving. Tell them where you are going and when you will be back. Tell them the truth. Keep your promise. Don’t believe me? Try it first before you doubt it works.
  • Use your Essences and enjoy your time away!