Judy and Little Miss Messed-up Adoptee

Judy C. 5/5 stars *****
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I have consulted with Meg several times about our adopted kitty that kept having "accidents" despite changing litter boxes (she now has two one deep, one shallow) changing litter (using cat attract) and changing food to prescription gastrointestinal for her delicate digestive system. All things in combo seemed to work but she would still give us nights of her running around at high speed accompanied by vocal renditions. Once I started adding Comfort to her water bowl, the nightly aerobic concerts came to an end. I also spray a little red bed that she curls up in. Molly has two siblings that also are adoptees (they actually are siblings) and I think they have benefited from the Comfort in the water dish as well. I know they drink a lot of it - despite having their own food and water stations elsewhere in the house. I will continue to buy Comfort as it easily lends itself to comfort in our home with our furry family. Thanks for an excellent product.