From Trauma to Recovery in 30 Days with Flower Essences: Starr's Story

Can't Train Trauma

After years of working with rescued and “damaged” horses headed to their end because of bad behavior, I came to believe these horses were, to varying degrees, in a state of shock. Many were so surprised by their inhumane and confusing treatment that they either shut down or became enraged, making them unpredictable and dangerous.  

Thanks to Flower Essences, various dramatic behavior improvements took place that seemed impossible, given the history of the animal or the circumstances. Circumstances included hurricanes, weeklong firestorms, tornadoes and court ordered animal seizures.  Flower Essences address current crises and, equally as important, the past – replacing old, negative memories with healthy, positive thoughts. Effects on the animals’ future behavior include giving them the opportunity to learn, and to accept, co-operate with, and trust human intervention and companionship.

Starr was a horse who taught me the true power of Flower Essences. This mare arrived at my farm filthy, angry, tense, restless and hating to be touched. I had 30 days to “fix” this horse without knowing how traumatized she was. The owner simply said: “We leave the halter on.” He bragged that this gorgeous mare cost only $100 at the monthly auction. He failed to mention that this ½ ton horse had hospitalized 2 people since then.  


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and Horse by CharlieMackesy publ: Oct 2019

Warning - graphic details of abuse. After he left that first day, I went to take the halter off (The owner said: “We leave the halter on.”) and saw that the 2-inch buckle was rusted shut. Then I saw the deformed, indented bone on her nose. Her facial bones, as she grew, could not grow where the non-giving nylon yearling halter was, so there were deep indentations in the bones and muscles of her head. How she could have chewed and eaten, I don’t know. The cheekbone near the eye was deformed as well, and her poll bones and muscle were indented. Imagine a yearling halter on a grown horse’s face… There were many misshapen bones. This halter had been on for years and the bone and flesh grew abnormally to fit the halter. I had a choice as to how to proceed and I chose Flower Essences. No outside help, no surgery, and no more trauma. 

To start, Flower Essences were added to her water, her hay and sprinkled in her new corral: Rock Rose for steadfastness and follow-through, Clematis for learning and focus, Cherry Plum for composure, Impatiens for patience, double doses of Star of Bethlehem for shock and restoration, and Star Tulip for renewed grounding and comfort.

After 3 days of Flower Essences, she trusted me enough to cut the halter off her face. I used the sharpest kitchen knife and it still took more than 5 minutes. Then the halter hung upside down, the noseband wedged within the bone it shaped, for a full 10 minutes before she moved enough for it to fall out. When she freed herself, I left it there on the ground for the next few days. She urinated on it, struck at it, flung it in the air and urinated on it some more.

During Week 2 I added Crab Apple for improving self-image, Red Clover for control, and Sweet Pea for grounding, to some bath water. She still had a hard time being touched or with fast movements, so she got sponge baths with these essences. I also made a bucket of essences to dip my hands in for light massage and stretches. I had to ease her into moving parts of her body that were stoved up from years of tension.

During Week 3, the essences Gentian for courage and optimism and Mustard for lingering depression were added to her water and feed. The vet said she could never be ridden due to an old injury to the shoulder, probably from a trailering incident. The farrier trimmed her, and even though she cooperated, he doubted she had ever been trimmed, and there was permanent damage as a result of improper feed and exercise.  Armed with this information, we intensified the massages, gave her hydrotherapy, added carrot stretches to the routine, started teaching her tricks to help her become more supple, and put Flower Essences on her treats. She learned to bow, follow her tail in tight circles, reach back onto her rump to get a treat, paw the air, and to bob and weave.

When it was time for her to go home, her family was taught her tricks in order to keep her supple and comfortable. They also got a 90-day supply of Mimulus for known fears, Gorse for hope, and Impatiens for patience with the humans.

3 Years Later
I saw Starr’s family and asked how she was doing. They said she was wonderful. Even though she was never ridden; she entertained with her tricks at every family BBQ. They also said she was helpful during a wild fire demanding a mandatory evacuation. The family stopped and picked up neighbors’ horses, some never trailered before, while Starr kept all of them calm.