Goats, Pigs, Rabbits and Others

They love us. We love them - the goats, pigs, rabbits and others. And even though we have never met, the love affair continues. 

May I share that BlackWing Farms’ Friends = our "yet to be met" BFF's have helped other species in 18 countries worldwide to recover and rebuild their lives after trauma, disasters (both natural and man-made), loss, abuse, plus events and business practices so horrible I refuse to put them into words.

These BFF's, these heroes, have helped rescue and rehabilitate thousands with our FLOWER ESSENCES - the exact same formulas we blend for you every  day. 

The OTHERS: Pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Ferrets, Iguanas, Mules, Fish, Wolves, Cattle, Turkeys, Sheep, Ducks, Goats, Fox, Chickens, Cats, Pet Rats, Mice, Dogs, Horses, Donkeys, Wild Dogs in Africa, one shy mini-Hedgehog, and a Mountain Lion named Conrad.

Note: For newborns in need, orphans, Birds, and Fish; use just one drop = one spray as needed during the day. We have learned lots of helpful hints for these at-risk populations to thrive; Give us a call if you have questions or can teach us. For example, I learned FISH CPR while in New Orleans post-Katrina! 

And please, let me know if you have a name to add to this list of others! How about Elephants? Anyone? I have the perfect protocol for Elephants held in captivity. LMK if you have any!