Essential Oils + Flower Essence Blends As Herbal Remedies for People

We concentrate on caring for our family, friends and animals and we often neglect ourselves. We created two Essential Oils + Flower Essence aromatherapy spray products as herbal remedies to promote a fresh start and boost creativity.

Our Dawn spray gently expands independent thinking every single day! The natural essential oils are Rosemary Oil for encouragement, Sage for connection and Peppermint releases spontaneity. The Flower Essences are Dandelion, Apple Blossom, Walnut and Nettle.

The Genius blend includes promotes powerful changes to foster your own unique gifts and talents! The Essential Oils in this blend are Geranium to resolve conflict, Rosewood Leaf for energizing imagination and Rosemary Oil for celebrating inspiration. The only Flower Essence is White Rose, which promotes idealism. 

We hope you take a moment to yourself and enjoy the benefits of what these blends can do for you. We would love to hear your feedback and comments below.