Surviving Trauma

We are so often bystanders, witnesses to our own lives in many ways. Helpless in natural disasters or trying to digest the confusion of human cruelty leaves us impotent and powerless in their wake. They leave a stain, a scar on our emotions. 

With certain plants, flowers, weeds, and trees; magic takes place unacknowledged and without conscious awareness. And definitely without waiting for our egocentric permission! This is another favor that the plants give us. They work... because they can. They help us, because they can. They help others and we get to witness. We get to be satiated with the feeling of wonder and awe because we see relief in someone else's life without our intrusive assistance. 

We have created all-natural, non-harming, carefully formulated blends from the goodness that flowering plants and trees have to offer. Thanks to our stick-to-it-iveness = you benefit during your life's trials and challenges. We know what you need because, at some time in the past, it is exactly what we needed for ourselves or someone else in need.

Welcome to our World! Trust us for just a few minutes. We promise we will try our best to help, no matter what, no matter how long ago your emotions were jarred. 

Here is a shortcut to a lifetime of relief: Surviving Trauma.