RV Cat



Cats Living in an RV. What could go wrong?
The people retired, bought an RV, and because their Cats were old and wonderful - the transition was a no-brainer. The Cats got inside and all was fine until the engine started.
Both Cats pancaked to the floor, legs spread to the four directions, and started howling. They army-crawled to seek refuge behind the brake pedal. They clawed their way onto the passenger only to vomit on her lap. The Cats drooled, howled, and puked. The people had yet to fill up the tank and head out of town.
This was not a short vacation; this was a pre-planned, 2 year Trip of a Lifetime circling the US. Leaving the Cats was never an option. They had already taught them to walk on a harness for show-and-tell at the RV parks. They tried everything to calm them. Nothing worked.
YUP! Until they said - "What the heck, let's try BlackWing Farms."

The RV'ers misted the air. Sprayed the floors. Sprayed themselves. They all hung out and had a picnic before starting the engine once again. Both Cats were startled at first, then relaxed, and made their ways to their respective beds and napped. A quick trip to town with no drooling, howling, or puking. They stopped and restarted the engine a few times. Cats got better and better.

The adventure was a great success. Cats stayed on the Remedy for a few weeks then lessened the frequency and eventually stopped altogether. The Rocky Mountains were a challenge and they went back on it for a few days. How did it all turn out? Cats had a great time and the couple divorced before they made it to Santa Fe. Turns out couldn't fix ALL the drama!