Need your help researching for an article I'm writing: 

THE REASON: Because of the prevalent, over-the-top reactions to strangers in public and at hometoo many animals and people are in danger of being in harm's way, living restricted lifestyles, and / or staying too long in shelters. 

THE REQUEST: Tell me what you would do if / when you see a strong reaction alerting to (actual or implied) STRANGER DANGER with the possibility of resulting in -physical or emotional- injury?

PRETEND you have ONE MINUTE after seeing a potentially dangerous // unpredictable // situation = What would you tell that person to do IN THE NEXT MINUTE to defuse? Words? Sounds? Signals? Posturing? Physical movement? Direction? Velocity? 

Following the adage: If we see something; Say something. BUT, my adage is: When you do; STAY SAFE!! 

#1. STRANGER DANGER @ HOME = doorbell drama, trash trucks, and other zombie invasions.

- What would you do / say to defuse / intervene? 

#2. STRANGER DANGER in PUBLIC = leash-pulling, panicking, pancaking, inappropriate meet 'n' greets, skateboards and other monsters.  

- What would you do / say to defuse / intervene? I have been to 2 dog parks with my GSD, he was perfect but I got into 2 fights!! 2!! One time, a woman told me to go home and watch more Animal Planet. See? I need help!!

#3. What about THE OTHER 23 HOURS OF THEIR DAY with opportunities to reward and reinforce all the positive possibilities? Games? Play? Work? Car rides? When, why reward?

You know I love to have fun and laugh but, this topic is super serious and NOT getting better by leaving it alone.

Working together, let's see what we can do to help each other. Please, send me your ideas, your actions, your methods... your trieds and trues.

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