I walked away from this Dog.

How could I? I made a mistake. A big one. 

We were at a California county shelter doing demonstrations and training volunteers about our Remedies; how to utilize them in a shelter / large population setting. This Doberman had JUST been taken in and was now in quarantine. His paper work had not caught up with him so we were unsure of any history.

Here is what I did know - my hackles were up on high alert. He had a hard stare, as you can see. His eyes were an odd color and very 'wonky' - for lack of a better word. His ears did what they wanted. His body was not to scale. And his behavior was not 'normal' by any stretch of the imagination. If I had to bet, I'd say this added up to an addled brain and unpredictable behavior.

With Remedies in hand, I walked away, stating I could not help him... he was clearly damaged. The woman who volunteered tons and used our Remedies at this shelter looked at me sideways with profound confusion, sadly turning to disappointment. 

I walked away spewing excuses and arguments in my favor.

Later, I did ask about him. She told me she circled back later and started using SHELTER BLEND on him. I waited to be right. I was wrong. Dead wrong. She told me he responded well to the Remedy and adjusted pretty fast to shelter life. It was less than a week that he was transferred to a Doberman rescue!

I walked away from a 'happily ever after'!