Helping Humans - Downloadable E-Book

Helping Humans - Downloadable E-Book

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There is no substitute for patience, positive training, and understanding but sometimes we simply need to pull the lamp closer to get a better look at the cause of their discontent, to illuminate, see from a differnt angle, helping your animal overcome problematic behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. This is what this book is all about!

Inside these pages, you’ll find an opportunity to:

UNDERSTAND how flower essences, oils, and homeopathic remedies help us enrich lives and foster friendships with all the animals we love and care for.

EXPLORE the power of this invisible intelligence of plants and animals collaborating together to create positive change as told through history, personal stories, and case studies.

RECOGNIZE animal behavior and “the language” they employ, consistently communicating what they are thinking and the actions they intend to take.

DISCOVER your animal’s hidden talents and true potential and how easy it is to balance extreme personalities revealing co-operative, calm, curious, playful companions.

APPLY these simple ideas and this invisible intelligence at home, work, and in every difficult situation. Improved thinking improves actions.

In the Simplicity of Nature and Its Plants is the Complexity of Action. Let me explain...