Helping Humans One Animal At A Time

Helping Humans One Animal At A Time

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There is no substitute for patience, positive training, and understanding but sometimes we simply need to pull the lamp closer to get a better look at the cause of their discontent, to illuminate, see from a different angle, helping your animal overcome problematic behaviors, attitudes, and emotions.

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As I read this book, it became clear exactly how I could use flower essences to create real change in my animal’s world and even for myself.

Helping Humans One Animal at a Time is a “how to” create a close and connected relationship with any animal through building trust; by creating a series of positive experiences.

- R. Brown

Every animal lover should have copy of this book and I hope this is the first book of many. Great book and great use of natural flower remedies.

- Marian G.

What’s Inside!

“I’ll give you half-a-million dollars for the rest of that bottle.”

Every visit to my friend’s house was crazy with 3 dogs jumping, barking, and acting wild.

“All I have to do is spray them with these Flower Essences and they will settle down” I said.

She burst out laughing at me, the little bottle, and my big promise.

“Wait 3 minutes.” I said while spraying.

She checked her watch.

In 2 ½ minutes, the German Shepherd and the Border Collie were lying down and the unruly Jack Russell-Chihuahua was quietly chewing on one of his toys.

What would you pay for Peace and Quiet?

About the Author

Meg Harrison has 40 years experience studying the efficacy of Flower Essences in the most extreme situations. Her natural remedies, originally intended for rehabilitating traumatized Horses, now are successfully proven on 15 species including feral Cats, reactive Dogs, captured Mustangs and thousands of our everyday animals in houses, shelters, and backyards everywhere.

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