Home Alone!

$ 27.98

Relieve fears and worries associated with separation-anxiety FOREVER! This is the exact blend successfully used post-Katrina on hundreds of animals suffering from the devastating experience of being separated from their families and all things familiar.

Even if your animals are never actually ‘home alone’ you can use this blend to help ADJUST TO CHANGE and OVERCOME PHOBIAS and FEARS. Nervousness and insecurity can have devastating effects on the overall well-being of any animal. Being unable to calm themselves down, some destroy property, forget where the litter box is located, bark like crazy, hide, drool or pant excessively.

Loud-noise phobias like thunderstorms, traffic, and machinery can be overcome within weeks -no matter how many years ago the fears manifested. Essences address the cause of the problem. Promise you the vast majority of fear-based behaviors will disappear PERMANENTLY.

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