Shelter Blend In Action

Bravo for Shelter Blend!! My two dogs are very sheltered and have little or no interaction with other dogs, I was quite concerned when I found out that my brother was making his yearly long weekend visit with his new 10 month old Weimaraner. What made it worse was that my brother’s dog has been a happy participant and member of their local dog park

for the last seven months. He loves to play and is the initiator.I remembered hearing about Shelter Blend and its use in New Orleans during Katrina. I figured if it could help all those dogs cope with each other under those extreme circumstances it might help with our canine home invasion. Well, it couldn’t have gone any better if I had scripted it myself. We sprayed all the dogs and took them for a walk together. When we got back to the house my dogs let their new rival play with all their toys, drink from their water bowls and while they declined overtures of “let’s play”, they were all happy and content.

By the time my company left, the dogs were indeed playing and enjoying each other. They ran around together and had the time of their lives. I don’t think that would have happened without the Shelter Blend. Thank you for this and all of your other wonderful blends.

Marian, Phoenix, Az