Testimonials From The Dogs

“I sprayed a remedy in the car thinking I was taking care of our hyper dog riding with us. 15 minutes later I said: That stuff must work because we are stuck in a traffic jam, I’m not upset, and the dog is asleep.”



       Daisy, a 13 year young Australian Shepherd residing in New York City is the latest and one of the most awe inspiring testimonials for benefits from SHELTER BLEND.

Jeanette Bely called to order another bottle of SHELTER BLEND and we began to talk because she said how much the blend had helped Daisy and her fear of thunderstorms. Jeanette told me that her dog’s fear of loud noises was not genetic and Daisy did not have the fear as a young dog.

It started September 11, 2001, Daisy was home alone in their New York apartment when the Twin Towers collapsed. Jeanette said:

      "I was at work at the time, only a mile away and saw the Towers go down. I walked home across the bridge amid the debris and chaos.

I don’t know what Daisy heard that day. She was alone. But I do know that ever since 9/11, (this conversation was in 2007) whenever she hears any sound, she runs to the window and starts to shake with fear.

Thunderstorm are prevalent on the East Coast with huge claps of thunder and lightening, besides the general noise of New York City itself. SHELTER BLEND helps alleviate the shaking and fear immediately.

Shelter Blend has helped a lot. I just spray the air and she is so much better.

If we are in the car and something upsets her, I just spray inside the car and we are both a lot better.

By the way, send me a second bottle for my friend who just moved. He said his Standard Poodle won’t stop barking and I promised him that SHELTER BLEND would help."

(Daisy was helped 6 1/2 years after her phobic behaviors started - proving it is never too late to help improve their lives.)


         “We not only used your sprays in the field rescuing animals, we used them in the truck transporting, and at staff meetings at the end of a long day.”

        “My dogs were barking and misbehaving. A friend asked if she could put a few drops of BlackWing Farms’ Remedy on their heads. First, she took the Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix by the collar and smooshed a few drops on his head, then the Border Collie and then the Shepard…within 3 minutes, the dogs were quietly laying down at my feet.

        Quietly so not to break the mood I said: I will give you half a million dollars for the rest of that bottle.

       “We used your remedies on my Jack Russell Terror puppy and it has truly helped. He was wild as a jackrabbit when he appeared at our door and we were beginning to lose hope of a calm household again. We have him in training now as well and the combination is making good progress for all of us.”


       "About a week and a half ago, a breeder friend brought a Black Russian Terrier rescue here to give us. Understand that this is a top quality show dog whose owners were giving him up. He was down from his show weight of 140# to about 90#. When I first put my hand into his crate, he snarled at me. He attacked our female sincerely trying to kill her. He continued to refuse to eat. He spilled his food and water, peed in the crate, and continued to snarl at my dogs and throw himself against the crate trying to get to them. And he whined for the people he loved, who didn’t want him anymore.

       … And then I came across your magical mystical drops that you brought to us after the fire in 2003. The ones intended for GRIEF, DEPRESSION & SHOCK. What do you think? It sounded like that was a great part of his problem. It’s been a week and a half since I started spraying his crate with it 4 or 5 times a day and now we have a different dog on our hands.

       He loves my mother now and absolutely romps when he comes out of his crate for an off-leash stroll in the back of the property. He runs to get back in his crate in the family room and eats everything in it. No more spilled food or water. No more peeing in his crate. He comes to be petted now and almost hardly snarls anymore at the other dogs.

       You can see more life and joy coming back into him everyday. I makes me cry because I was sure this beautiful dog would either starve himself to death or have to be put down for becoming vicious.

“During the time I was volunteering and doing my externship with the Animal Behavior College at the Animal Welfare League of Arizona (AAWL), they had Meg Harrison, owner of BlackWing Farms, come down as a speaker. I was fortunate during my time there to work with Meg and Dianne on several cases: one involved a shitzu named Chloe and a schnauzer named Howie (both were rescued from a puppy mill).

Howie and Chloe both seemed to have a difficult time interacting appropriately with humans. Chloe was very friendly – and overly excited – and she would shove Howie out of her way multiple times for attention. Howie would urinate on everything, and he’d walk as if on egg shells, never approaching or looking at the trainers in the room. We placed a couple of products from BlackWing farms on each of them; Meg chose to use Shelter Blend mixed with Brave Balm. She rubbed some on the dog and on everyone in the room.

As an animal behavior student and a certified veterinary technician, I was a little skeptical of the product. But, I had honestly seen a change in both of the dogs’ behavior, and it was an awesome moment! In less than 5 minutes, I witnessed Howie stop urinating on everything and stop walking around nervously – he even attempted to play with some toys with me. Chloe became less pushy, but she was still excited to see people.”


Literally every member of our household has benefited from BlackWing Farms products: Toni from Emergency and Drama-Trauma to help with her many neuroses; Strut from Focus to help him manage his endless enthusiasm so that he could learn to become his best, most respectful self; Téa and Chris from Recovery to help them post-double hip surgery (Téa) and during the healing process following a serious burn that was complicated by a staph infection (Chris); and me, because you seemed to be able to tell that I was barely hanging on given that everything above was happening all at the same time.”

                                                         This is my GrandDaughter Jade and her constant (since birth) sidekick, Shorty the Famous Pit bull mix rescue from the Barking Lot in Southern California!   

We adopted Stella at six months; she was a rescue. She has always had fear issues, and thunder storms are the worst. I started using the confidence spray on her a couple of months ago. I have been spaying her body when the thunder starts, and instead of hiding in the basement, panting and shivering, she is sitting in the family room with us like nothing is going on! I am happy with the product as my dog is now a lot less stressed!