3 Rotties, 2 GSDs, 5 Border Collies, a few Terriers, and 17 Cats.

Not all 37 in the house at once! But now, a lifetime later, they all reside in my heart's photo album. I miss them, their uniqueness, their pack mentality, their independence, and their dependence. I miss the mess. I miss the fuss. I miss the fun. Hell yes, it was hard work, tons of money, a time drain, an emotional rollercoaster and I would not trade a minute. They made me better.

Animals allowed me to be me without restrictions of juvenile comparisons and adult expectations.

There was always a place for me in the pack, herd, and colony. My good days were fun and the tough ones were accepted by them. One night, without knowing it, I was crying in my sleep and when I woke up; my Sweet Collie was slowly licking the tears off my cheek. My Horses would buck me off but then circle back and make sure I was OK. Well, most of them, anyways!

Now, my life is dedicated to others and their relationships with their Critters of fur and feathers. Or caring for them before you open your doors, hearts to them. If you ever want or need more insight or another set of eyes on a problem = Call me. I'd love to help you sort stuff out. Together we are guaranteed to find solutions!

My favorite title is: Forensic Behaviorist. Check it out!