Unintended Consequences

CONSEQUENCES: the result, effect, outcome of something occurring earlier.

Like what?  
Positive ACTIONS result from, result in better choices.
Healthy REACTIONS result from, result in feeling good.

Contemplative RESPONSES result from, result in increased impulse control. 

Choices allow / encourage our 'thinking apparatuses' to control // guide our first impulsive thoughts; resulting in feeling better about most situations and the next and the next and... Yes - like 'do not press send'! Think before you respond, before you send that memo, etc. 

So what?
Proof is in the ACTION or the sequence and consequence of actions, reactions, and responses. Important because every single time we do something that feels good; we want to do it again. When we are asked our opinion; we want to participate. We lean in and want to engage. When we are asked our preferences; we feel respected. In my world, the same applies to Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses and more.

Want your own proof?
Play with this idea. My Rescue Buddy featured here was given a choice. He looks confused at this new idea being introduced = the idea of a human asking him his opinion, his preference, his choice. Developing a new relationship -being asked for his opinion- while the person is actually waiting the Dog to respond first. The hope is that he will choose to be more engaging with the next human. Maybe waiting to see what they wanted to do, how they wanted to engage, and how they view PLAY!!

Respectful, co-operative relationship of give and take is the goal.
Then what?
Play some more. 


Offer positive, healthy choices BEFORE they make their own (- like Shelter Boy and Shorty Boy here -) CONSEQUENTIALLY creating happier rescues, facilities, and living rooms worldwide.