Flower Essences Right Wrongs

This simple statement says it all: Flower Essences right wrongs. I have dabbled in natural solutions for 40 years and settled on Flower Essences for one reason: they work. They work for humans, for animals, alcoholic teenagers, victims of violence, their perpetrators, as well as family members, and witnesses to these transgressions.

Essences work 100% of the time, are accessible, and cause no harm. So what’s not to love? Well, there are those who could be jealous of such a simple solution to difficult and costly problems. And there are those who feel threatened by the thought of having to change their minds and accept a new idea.


Effective, permanent improvement
with POSITIVE side effects

Answers to problems faced by domesticated animals no matter what the behavior, situation, or circumstance is what I am after and what I have gotten from using Flower Essences. If we can’t let the animals run free in the woods and grasslands allowing access to their emotional nutrition; then, you can bring it to them in the simplest form possible: Essences.

Here is a good place to remind ourselves why we use flower essences: to improve and prevent problematic behavior, attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning because they go to the root cause of mental and emotional problems, not suppressing or masking the problematic behaviors to resurface later.

There is no substitute for patience, positive training, and understanding but sometimes we simply need to pull the lamp closer to get a better look at the cause of the discontent. Essences will allow you to illuminate, see from a different angle, presenting the opportunity to reflect on the animals’ specific needs and effect a permanent change. Whether dealing with an excessive personality trait, an ingrained fear or a brand new experience, remedies can give us that moment of opportunity to make IT work - whatever your IT is at the time.


30 Minutes to Save A Life

Because we can.
Flowers, Water, and Sunshine.

Regrettably, the #1 reason for euthanasia is behavior. A Border Collie living in an apartment. Buying the difficult dog a companion. Crating for 10 hours a day and again at night. Feeding crummy food that leaves them perpetually unsatisfied creating stress. Do the best you can and when in doubt get good advice. Advice that FEELS right for you, your family, and all you share your life with.

Crazy Dogs, feral Cats, and aggressive Elephants can all be treated successfully and permanently. These misunderstood animals are acting out possible emotional or mental pain but, often causing injury to themselves or others in the process. Essences will help. Two problems are #1 asking the person observing to accept the fact an innocuous flower actually helped. #2 problem is there is less money to be made preventing something rather than treating the symptoms of the problem. Don’t shoot the messenger – look into the industries for yourself. In the meantime, use Essences on the worst cases and observe for 30 minutes. Guarantee the behavior will improve 99% of the time. Even if the damage is grossly pathological, seemingly hopeless conditions can be remedied more often than not. Worth a try.