Hammock Blend Earned its Origin Story

HAMMOCK BLEND was a Remedy born out of personal desperation. (Ha! As were all my formulations - if the truth be known!) My husband was a few months shy of his ‘general anxiety disorder’ diagnosis and NO OFFENSE he was driving us all close to the edge… He would come home on a Friday afternoon worried and upset about Monday morning’s workload and ruin everybody’s weekend. He could not help it! I knew that. I knew he loved us and wanted us to enjoy our time together.

So here is what happened – I mixed and shook and sniffed and got my new concoction to the right fragrance so it was very soothing and ‘nice to be around.’ Flower Essences then were chosen for their positive emotional effects on a complicated personality prone to worry, sleep disorders, and bursts of anger. When I was all done “playing” I told him I needed his help with a new formula and proceeded to lightly spray his clothes, hands, and one spritz over the top of his head. I said: “That’s it.”

I lost track of him for an hour until I saw him stumbling up the path, his hair a mess, and his shirt untucked. We had 8 Horses and I feared the worst.

All he said was: “What did you do to me?” Uhoh was my only thought.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I just took a nap in the hammock. I have not done that in 30 years.”

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I feel great - like I just took a nap in the hammock.”

This formula now and forever is named: HAMMOCK BLEND = a combination of Cinnamon leaf* and Bergamot leaf* essential oils for clarity of thoughts, blended with Flower Essences of Sweetgrass to welcome change, Tiger Lily to manifest trust, Purple Monkeyflower melting deep ingrained fears, and Angel’s Trumpet to see the best in all situations. (* = Roots and bark are never used in our practice for the health and sustainability of all our plants, trees, and critters.)

HAMMOCK BLEND continues to be one of our top sellers for people who find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up with negative, worrisome thoughts. As with all things BlackWing Farms = we do not care how long ago the upsets began or how long they lasted. Essences are here to help the here and now and move forward with renewed optimism, fresh creative thinking and exuding emotional intelligence! Try this 100% natural sleep aid and if it is not for you – no harm, no foul – we will immediately refund your money. FACTOID: Out of thousands; only one person (since 2006) has asked for their money back.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?