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Speaking of Humping

Speaking of Humping

Speaking of humping... Years ago, my Chiropractor asked how to get his Retriever to stop humping furniture, blankets, and house guests. I asked if the Dog was causing harm to himself or others. He said 'no' and I declared TO MY CHIROPRACTOR that happy humping was good for the Dog's back. On the other side, dominance, insecurity, nervousness, jealousy, and confusion about social status are some culprits I have seen in my practice and all are fix-able. AND THEN, THERE IS ECSTASY...
BlackWing Farms' Magic Sprays

What's so Magic about these Sprays?

First, they’re unexplainable. Second, they always work no matter what. Third, the positive results effect everyone in the room. Don’t believe it? ...

Testimonials From The Horse's Mouth

      It  just was like someone flipped a switch!  Her  ears up, happy and didn't give her any trouble at all during the trim, even the back legs where she would get anxious about letting someone other than myself pick them up.