What's so Magic about these Sprays?

First, they’re unexplainable. Second, they always work no matter what. Third, the positive results effect everyone in the room.

Don’t believe it? That’s more than OK. Just like it’s hard to believe in warmth when you’re standing outside in the cold. STEP INSIDE. No, really, it is that simple. Walk across that threshold keeping your doubts and skepticism in place – it’s all good. We can say that because we are probably the world’s record holder for the esteemed “What The Heck Award!” Also the “Holy ____ Did You Just See THAT Award!” And the prestigious “Might As Well Try It, Got Nothing To Lose Award!” Shall I go on with the accolades or did I get the point across? The point being 1. You are not alone in your doubts. 2. Some need proof first because their unique mindset results from having spent time, money, and hope on things that failed in the past. 3. It is your rite to delay.

“Your Flower Essences are the last house on the block for us.” I’ll take that house and any house on the block if you let me try to help fix your animals’ problems. I have been the 7th horse trainer, been called when the cat is being prepped for euthanasia due to a behavior later successfully fixed with a Spray, and at the very least 100 dogs where their last trip to the vet had already been scheduled. After a few days on a spray, the vast majority lived out a happy and fulfilling life. No one can claim 100% success on anything, ever. But I can claim 93%.

It is that 7% that keeps me awake at night. We did a survey of 100 people last year; that is where the 7% figure came from. Sadly, survey results clearly revealed 6% of those in that category DID NOT USE THE SPRAYS ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS ON THE BOTTLE. Here I have ownership of that flawed outcome – How could I have made my directions any better wherein this 6% could have, would have helped their animals?

I’m definitely open to suggestions. I could use your help, so that this 6% dwindles to zero. The one percent I will have to learn to live with, as this undoubtedly and in my opinion only is out of our control due to physical damage: a result of human interference and/or human error. COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS. Please! SHARE YOUR MAGIC.