Homeopathy Made Simple

A plant causes the same symptoms (in a healthy person) that it “cures” (in a person exhibiting those same “unhealthy” symptoms.)

Homeopathic medicine addresses the root cause of a dis-ease or dis-order in the overall system while allopathic medicine aims to eliminate the symptoms. I am going to leave the room now while you argue amongst yourselves.

Dr. Bach began searching Nature for a safe, gentle, non-invasive method to prevent and treat disease in humans when on his lengthy English-Welsh walk-about. He discovered that he felt emotional symptoms in the presence of certain flowers. Furthermore, if he drank the dew gathered at dawn, for one example, from the Mustard plant; he then felt depressed. (Mustard is used for lingering depression.) But when he made a Mustard Essence; the symptoms, in an already depressed person, were alleviated. Bach documented 38 remedies which included one water source and one blending of five flowers. Since then, thousands of remedies worldwide have been documented for use in humans and animals - documented but not necessarily proven effective.

In my non-anthropomorphic opinion, animals are not emotionally complicated and do not require inaccessible and exotic plants for their well-being. Without human interference of domestication and captivity, the environment where the animals naturally reside or roam provide for all animals’ needs. Simple examples are vegetation available for Bears before and after hibernation. Tree barks for Deer in the dead of winter. Monkeys in need of dewormers and anti-fungals gather and ingest certain local plants at certain times of the year. Some plants are masticated and then rubbed into the fur for ticks and bugs. Goats, horses, and livestock in need of springtime cleansing or hormone balancing will find the appropriate plants readily available when needed, again barring human interference. Plants are close at hand to facilitate overall health, conception, pregnancy, during childbirth, afterbirth, lactation, etc.

Whether coincidence or by design, plants provide for all our carbon-based needs in one way or another.

Who Cares?

After years of working with rescued and “damaged” animals (and errant teenagers) headed to their end because of bad behavior; I came to believe these animals (and adolescents) were, to varying degrees, in a state of shock. Many were so surprised by their inhumane and confusing treatment that they either became aggressive, enraged, depressed, or stubborn making them unpredictable and dangerous to others or themselves.

Dramatic behavior improvements took place that seemed impossible considering the history of the animal or the circumstances, which today includes surviving hurricanes, week-long firestorms, tornadoes, and court ordered animal seizures, including hoarders. Their positive behaviors appeared no less than miraculous. You can actually see a “PAUSE” allowing the animal to make a new, positive decision whereas there was nothing but immediate, reactive, and negative behavior only minutes earlier. Essences address the current trauma and equally as important, address the past by replacing old, negative memories with healthy, positive thoughts creating all-around good results. This change affords the opportunity to learn, to accept, to cooperate with, and trust human intervention and companionship. Essences re-set normal.

Why Blends of Single Remedies? Answer: Collaboration. 

Similar to companion plants improving a garden’s vitality, each Flower Essence contributes to the completed process of behavior change. Blending different Flower Essences addresses the cause of dis-comfort, dis-connectedness, and dis-content resolving any resultant troublesome behaviors while establishing the reality of a new, positive experience. For many animals, accomplishing permanent behavior change requires a multi-faceted process requiring more than one Flower. Essences address not just the symptoms but the feelings and past bad results so that the entire experience can now be affected, influenced positively. 


Imagine your animal’s life as a set of blueprints.
The master plan reflects how the foundation, structure, circuitry, plumbing, and mechanics must work together to achieve success. If part of the plan is missing or out of sync, then all symmetry is lost and results are potentially disastrous. Synchronizing your animal’s blueprints to reflect its master plan results in the success of the entire venture.

Focusing on the outcome, each Flower brings out the best in the others while working together to create a positive behavior change.  Eliminating the negative effects on the personality helps acquire long-term resolution ensuring optimum decision-making and positive behavior in the future. New experiences are softened, accepted, and made into gentle life experiences. …always building on the steady development of good.

Essences succeed due to the fact they deal with the root cause of the problem and literally or figuratively, re-write the experience of past negative experiences and its resultant un-healthy behavior.

Be willing to go the distance and see where the animal leads you.
Maybe you have mapped out the life of a Grand Prix level Dressage horse and they have the heart to jump. Or the agility dog has four front paws. Or the cat you got for little Tommy is afraid of children. Forcing our will against the animal’s instincts will not lead to any level of success. Equipment and techniques are available to force the animal to do our will, but here with Flower Essences you seek the opposite. Remember,”…steady development of the opposing virtue” will always result in success. Use the correct Remedy and the sought-after resolution will become a living part of the animal. This inner-learning and acceptance will last a lifetime. 

Flower Essences, using the same amount of drops for each will work for feral cats, captured Mustangs and young Jack Russells. What do you have to lose? You might have to wait a few hours, days, or weeks to see the new positive behavior. Be patient and notice the subtleties. Notice the “TRIES” your animal is giving you. Get the behavior you are seeking, knowing it is permanent, and move on to enjoy your companion.