The Facts on Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?

Remedies created from organic material, such as flowers or leaves, placed in water, set in the sun, strained, and then offered to animals.


What do they do?

Flower Essences balance, maintain and/or repair emotional and mental health in any animal improving problematic behaviors, attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning permanently. Essences are simple, effective, and highly successful because they address the root cause of mental and emotional problems, not suppressing or masking the problematic behaviors to resurface later or manifest as another problem.

Solutions to behavioral problems are available even if manifested as a physical or mental illness. For example, damage from in-line breeding practices evident in “puppy mill” animals, horses used for sport and entertainment, or feral cats. With dedication and genuine commitment to righting a wrong; debilitating conditions can often be mended.


Why use them?

Prevent and/or to reverse problematic behaviors whether puppy mill dogs, feral cats or crazy horses, no matter how long ago the problems started. Flower Essences go to the root cause of negative and unhealthy behaviors transforming problematic attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning allowing any animal to excel to their fullest potential. Essences address situations and challenges facing domesticated animals. Not just achieving success on obvious behavioral or emotional situations but, offering long-term, permanent solutions to even chronic problems. Whether you are dealing with an excessive personality trait, an ingrained fear or a brand new experience; Remedies can give you that moment of opportunity to make IT work.  Whatever your IT is at the time. 



“The action of these remedies is to flood our natures with the particular virtue (good result) we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing them. To conquer a fault or a wrong requires steady development of the opposing virtue*…not suppression,” wrote Dr. Edward Bach, 1930’s British physician. 

Richard Gerber, M.D., Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine calls this “emotional-rebalancing therapy.” “rebalance disturbed emotional and mental patterns.”  These behaviors can range from depression, failure to thrive, separation-anxiety, grief, shock, fears and phobias that may lead to an animal’s poor behavior. No matter whether born with the emotional/mental deficiency or resultant from exposure to stress or trauma.


Effective, permanent improvement with POSITIVE side effects.

Answers to problems faced by domesticated animals no matter what the problem, behavior, situation, or circumstance is what I am after and what I have gotten from using Flower Essences for nearly 40 years. Most answers lie in bridging the gap between animal and its confined environment. If we can’t get them free running in the woods and grasslands allowing access to their emotional nutrition – you can bring it to them in the simplest form possible: Essences.

There is no substitute for patience, positive training, and understanding but sometimes we simply need to pull the lamp closer to get a better look at the cause of the discontent.  Essences will allow you to illuminate, see from a different angle, presenting the opportunity to reflect on the animals’ specific needs and effect a permanent change.


Why should you believe me?

Believe the animals. There is no placebo effect in their world. Believe other people’s documented magic. Tap into a source of intelligence that can’t be seen, measured, weighed, dissected, or analyzed – proof is in a happy animal… Measure that.