Plant Intelligence

Every plant contains an action, a behavior, and a personality.

Every action, behavior contains a benefit, holds a value for survival… for something, with or without any prior written approval and plausible explanation. Why should you believe it? You don’t have to believe anything for this to take place. This idea does not need permission to be effective since plants have been acting on the behalf of animals for millions of years without your OK. What we have done domesticating these animals, keeping them at our sides so to speak, is denied them access to what keeps them healthy and happy as the case may be. Essences can bring them the help they need to function better. That’s all. This is not rocket science nor brain surgery and should not be treated as such – Flower Essence Therapy, as introduced by Dr. Bach, was always intended for the lay person, no one was to be excluded from the rewards of this practice.



Nutrition is Often Available in Your Own Neighborhood

What would our domesticated animals run to if free? Probably to plants, grasses, weeds, and leaves to eat, rub against, or roll in. My Jack Russell would be looking for a tasty morsel underground who was munching on my horses’ grain while my 18 pound, 18 year old cat was stalking a different vegetarian morsel for breakfast. Don’t yell, they are healthy carnivores and historically have eaten fresh food.

Animals seek out the assistance of plants, weeds, and trees before and after conception, birthing, lactating, bleeding, hibernation, treating aches, pains, worms, fungus, bacterial infections. And no, these plants are not hiding in exotic lands, unattainable and not needed in quantities that decimate its own population. And not needed for long periods of time, only when flowering, naturally dried, or easily stored. Again, please, don’t pick up the phone with a plan to yell at me. This is from information I have gathered over the years and let swill around my mind, waiting to prove, disprove, argue, whatever it takes for me to write one complete sentence.

When an animal receives nourishment, the body and mind obviously recognizes the benefits and reacts appositely (implies a traceable significant logical connection.) I’m just saying… Why did my 2 horribly sick horses with E Coli accept herbs and tree bark from my hands gobbling them up like candy treats when the healthy horse next to them blew it out of my hands like it was poison? Both my horses fully recovered on this combo whereas $1,500 and 3 weeks of antibiotics failed. My vet later called me for the recipe.

Or when my Welsh-Arab Pony of the 1960’s was monthly offered tobacco unrolled from my Dad’s Pall Mall cigarettes to treat for worms and ate it like sweet feed for 4-5 days. But on day 6, blew it out of my hand with a snort refusing to eat any of it. My Mom suggested creek mud for leg swelling and injuries. Spider webs used to stop bleeding. After excess exercise, rub downs with left-over salt blocks crumbled inside old gunny sacks worked to prevent sore muscles. Best therapy for an athlete? A swim in salt water. When this mare retired at the age of 32, the new owners had to raise her fencing to 6’ because she kept jumping out to eat fresh grass. Why? Because she could.

Emotional Nutrition Provided by Plants

Evidence proves this Animal-Plant “Conspiracy" “Collaborative Experience” “Invisible and Intelligent Behavior” is going on right in front of our eyes.  In a good, good way. And for a long, long time. Plants recognize and understand the need to grow where, when, and how (Giraffes’ food is up high while Badger food is not) in order to be of maximum benefit to themselves and others. Without a doubt, this is a conspiracy, replete with a wink, nod, and secret handshake working and acting together for the better good of all.

Conspiracy, coincidence, or an ancient agreement, call it what you may; watch what happens when you bring these powerful entities of plant Essences and Animals together. What occurs is the visible evidence, physical proof – demonstrated as improved behavior - of a mysterious collaborative experience that is presently going on right under our noses and most likely has been going on for a long, long time.