The Power of Possible

Every single thing
you see as matter
and know as fact
used to be invisible.
Every single thing.
And there’s lots more
where that came from

Why are we here?

To prove my theory about the efficacy of Essences or to sufficiently piss you off so you will set out to prove me wrong and while in that process, fall in love with the power of Essences – because that is inevitably where that road leads.
In reality, we are here because we have 30 minutes to save a life. Tick tock… 
Seriously, problematic behavior is always the #1 reason for euthanasia of healthy animals. Does not matter what other names they attach like landlord dispute, barking when not home, or an incontinent cat – it is behavior. There are dismal statistics of avoidable euthanasia, injuries, and harm to humans.  
Here is my theory, premise, and promise to you:
Flower Essence Remedies Improve Behavior.
Flower: peak of highest development, crowning achievement, the highest example or best representative of something.
Essence: the intrinsic or indispensable properties of a thing.
Remedies: therapies that relieve pain or correct a disorder. For our purposes, we are always referring to emotional and mental “pain.”
Improve: to make better or become better.
Behavior: anything that an organism does involving Action, Re-action, Response to its environment or stimulation. (2) The ability to survive in existing environment. (3) A mentally guided emotion, action, or re-action.
While proving this theory, I will lay out some facts of incredible actions and behaviors that exist right here, right now. My intention is to broaden your curiosity about the collaborative experience of our world’s inhabitants. My purpose is to make it meaningful, improving your life and those you love and care for. 

The Simple Truth is Not Complicated 

The 2004 Tsunami killed more than 240,000 people yet not one animal died. Not one. A story from that day says a lot. Fishermen, headed back into Puket Island, Thailand, with a full boat of fish noticed the dolphins that should be following their boat for a free meal, were actually swimming back out to sea. This unusual behavior caused the fishermen to “listen” to the Dolphins and turn their boat around. When they did this, there was nothing unusual at all about the weather or the waves, but without apology, they followed the Dolphins back out toward open sea. When they turned to look; the first tsunami wave hit the shore. It must have been underneath the boat when they followed the Dolphins’ lead. Villagers in the devastated areas said the Elephants started retreating to higher ground days before the Tsunami hit. Dogs and Cats not tethered (unlike the 2005 floodwaters of New Orleans) were also spared.
Toxoplasma is a brain parasite that lives and thrives in cat feces. This is the reason expectant mothers should not clean litter boxes nor be close as no one has proven this parasite cannot be inhaled. And in my opinion, cats should not sit on laps during pregnancy – erring on the side of caution. During laboratory experiments in Europe, when the research mice were injected with Toxoplasma, these mice were no longer afraid of cats. NOT AT ALL. The parasite had overtaken the natural instinct “telling” them not to be afraid of their predator. The parasite took this host hostage to act out ITS own survival.
Rabid Animals (Dogs, Fox, Coyote, Skunks, Racoons, Bats, while low risk carriers include Rats, Mice, Opossums) act aggressive and bite because the Rabies Virus is in control of the animals’ behavior causing aggression in even the most friendly pet. Rabies virus is in the saliva and injected by the “hypodermic” teeth straight into the bloodstream of its “next host.” The virus is clearly in control of ITS own destiny creating “abnormal” behavior in its unsuspecting host. 
Pulitzer prize winning author, Jared Diamond in his fascinating 1997 book, Guns, Germs, and Steel, puts it best, writing: “For modification of a host’s behavior, nothing matches rabies virus, which not only gets into the saliva of an infected dog but drives the dog into a frenzy of biting and thus infecting many new victims.”
Looking back when I was growing up in Illinois, we saw rabies in a few wild animals and even one dog. What I remember is their behavior was friendly at first, meaning they would approach closer than a “normal” wild animal and that would tip off my Mother that this animal was not “in its right mind.” Sure enough, when they approached with this stealth, they would get just so close you could see the drool and foam FULL OF VIRUS prior to attacking and biting. 
            Influenza virus has 8 DNA markers or genomes as they are called. Humans have 25,000 DNA markers. The flu killed twenty million people in 1918-1919 worldwide and continues to kill up to 500,000 people worldwide every single year. How does it persist against our vast 25,000 genomes? By making our bodies behave in a way that will spread the virus, simply coughing and sneezing on our families, friends, and neighbors. Watch someone sneeze or cough into their hands and then follow them for a few minutes and see what, who and how that one person infects others thus proliferating the virus. Soap, disinfectant, or sunshine kills the flu virus. All 25,000 genomes just need to remember to: WASH YOUR HANDS.