Success already! Breanna never never reacts well to strangers, and we had 7 guests at the house last night after she’d had two doses. (Id given one dose to the other three anticipating guests.)

The first thing I noticed was no excessive barking from the indoor/outdoor runs we have set up for our four furs.

Then, I invited one of the gals to be out with me for the feeding routine. Bree certainly said “hello, no go away” but then settled to the floor waiting for her dinner. I added Drama-Trauma into her food.

It was a late night for the pups. We went to get them in for the night around 9. Bree was noticeably relaxed and happy. We stayed out in the yard for a while and then they came running in and up on the bed for their evening loving.

Around 9:45 I picked Bree up and for the first time in the year I’ve owned her, she was relaxed in my arms, snuggling her head into my neck. She’s always sweet with me, but never relaxed. This was a first. I hugged her and talked to her, enjoying her calm-submissive state of mind. I set her into her crate for the night and she gave me a little soft yip yip good night.

Day two has begun well and I’m looking forward to more relaxed times with Breanna.

Thank you!
Pamela Peterson