The Miraculous Cole

This is a story i hardly believe myself. Cole, my precious but very anxious dog was becoming more and more aggressive. Cole who is absolutely amazing and wonderful but more times than not gets scared of any new or different situation, obsessives over shadows and barks at everything was increasingly getting worse. Seeing this change I decided to hire a dog trainer. After two sessions Cole was listening better, however her timidness and her general anxiety did not get better, in fact i felt it got a little worse.

At this point I felt completely overwhelmed and lost to as what to do. Lets just say at this point i had no idea what to do, especially since I was moving to San Diego in a week or two. During the next two weeks cole’s behavior increasingly got worst as she realized that things were about to change. She was scared, overwhelmed, anxious and in turn more aggressive toward my other dog Brody.

Finally I was presented with a natural remedy of flower essences sprays to give to Cole. At this point I would try anything to make her feel better and help keep my stress down. The BlackWing Farms’ Remedies line saved me and Cole ( I sprayed Cole down with Drama- Trauma, Shelter Blend and Confidence. Within the next two hours I saw a miraculous change. Cole’s tail which was usually between her legs, finally started to rise, her ears were more relaxed, her tail was wagging and it even seemed like she was smiling. It was as if she was the little puppy I knew just two months ago. Everyday i spray the drama trauma and shelter blend into her water and everyday she is getting better and better. What is great about these sprays is that I will only need to use these products once. These flower essences not only change the behavior but they change it forever. One bottle and Cole seems happier more refreshed and a much calmer even tempered companion. Thank You BlackWing Farms’ Remedies for saving helping our little family.